Windows Saving JPG as JFIF

Stop Windows from Saving JPGs to JFIFsI just had a client call with a problem I hadn’t heard before, but it looks like it’s not all that uncommon. Her Windows computer is saving JPG as JFIF files. This may be specific to Windows 10 and sometimes occurs after an update.

Fortunately, there is a quick fix. However, it does require getting into the techy and somewhat sensitive part of your operating system. It’s not difficult but does require attention to detail.

Whether you do this yourself or you have someone else do it for you, CREATE A RESTORE POINT FIRST in case something goes wrong.

Here are the step-by-step instructions for saving JPGs as JPGs instead of JFIFs. See the video at the bottom of this page, if you need a visual.

  1. Launch Registry Editor using Windows Search (bottom left corner of your screen).
  2. Navigate to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT > MIME > Database > Content Type > image/jpeg. You will have to expand entries and navigate this carefully. When you get to the correct location, verify that the line showing at the top of the editor matches this: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT > MIME > Database > Content Type > image/jpeg
  3. In the right panel, double click on the Extension key. Its value should read as .jfif.
  4. Change the value to .jpg and click. Make sure you get this right, then click “OK”.
  5. Close the Registry Editor.

It should start working immediately.